Public Education & Prevention

Public Education Bureau

Classes are offered on fire safety and injury prevention for residents of all ages. Active education programs are:

  • Age appropriate and coordinated with specific age group educators
  • Provided as a course of study in the Grandview Heights schools
  • Targeted to specific audiences such as child care centers and senior citizens
The Division of Fire conducts display booths at local events, participates in Safety Town, and offers community CPR classes. If your organization is interested in any of these programs, please contact the Division of Fire at (614) 488-5904.

Fire Prevention Bureau

Inspections are done on all public occupancies and businesses to enforce the local Fire Code. Compliance with the code reduces the potential for fires starting, limits the potential devastation of fires, and provides for safe evacuations.

Fire Prevention Month

The second week of October is officially Fire Prevention Week. In Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff, we have events and activities all month long!