Recyclable materials may be placed in a reusable garbage can or container up to 32 gallons in size, however, they are not to weigh any more than 50 pounds when full. A Recycle Grandview sticker may be obtained by calling (614) 488-4728 or picking up at service department and needs to be displayed. Place the container next to the alley or if no alley exists, on the tree lawn curb strip for collection.

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Don’t just recycle. Recycle Right.

It’s not only important to recycle. It’s important to Recycle Right.

By only recycling materials that are accepted at the recycling facility, your recycling will make more of an impact.  SWACO’s “RECYCLE RIGHT” campaign makes proper recycling easy by giving you a comprehensive list of what should and what shouldn’t go in your recycling container.  For more information about “RECYCLE RIGHT,” please visit

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You may bag and tie your recyclables. Be sure to write “recyclables” on the bag.

Non-Acceptable Items
  • Plastic - Caps, bowls, buckets, tubs, oil or antifreeze jugs, film, plastic bags, bubble wrap, and straws
  • Styrofoam
  • Glass - lids, windows, drinking glasses, or light bulbs
  • Aluminum - foil, pans, window frames, doors, or scrap
  • Paper - napkins, tissues, cups, glasses, plates or soiled paper

The City has a contract to dispose of recyclable material at no cost. For more information on the Recycling Program, you may contact the Service Department at (614) 488-4728, between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.