Development Strategies

Development Strategies
The Grandview Heights Economic Development Plan was prepared in light of the City’s fiscal condition and is based on many of the ideas and recommendations that were gathered from residents and business owners. The Plan is also based on potential opportunities emerging from local and regional market and development trends and conditions.
The Redevelopment Strategy
This economic development opportunity was identified in both the business and residential community meetings. The properties formerly occupied by Big Bear properties consist of approximately 60 acres (over ¼ of Grandview’s commercial property). This land is located in the fringe of the Grandview community, in the center of a revitalizing area and is adjacent to recently completed transportation network. The primary policy focus of this strategy is to work jointly with the private sector in putting Grandview on the central Ohio development radar with a major impact with an extremely high class-high image development redevelopment project. This type of project will raise property values of surrounding property, greatly increase real estate valuation as well as provide the City with the opportunity of attracting larger employers.

To make use of the former Big Bear Properties, the City of Grandview Heights has begun the installation of Grandview Yard. This $500 million development will feature over 1.5 million square feet of commercial space and will generate an addition 5,000 jobs in the Grandview area. The development will also include over 600 urban-style, luxury apartments, and will truly be a live-work-play mixed use community.

Currently Grandview Yard is under the first phase of construction. The site is now home to Urban Active, a full service fitness center, the Hyatt Columbus hotel, Jason’s Deli, Massage Envy, The Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill, and Schindler Dentistry. The office space available is occupied by Holbrook and Manter, CPA’s., M+A Architects, Weber and Associates, and Willis of Ohio, Inc.

The Goodale “Creative” Corridor Strategy
The strategy will over time seek to establish a physical development character and identity along Goodale Boulevard. The adaptive reuse of existing structures will be encouraged to support a mix of uses and to make for a more interesting streetscape. This strategy is inspired by the “creativity” that currently exists on the Boulevard. The list of these firms includes Ward Engineering, Photographic Technique, Columbus State, Textbook R’ Us, Conrad Philips, Vutech, Brainstorm Media, Bravo Brio, and the W.W. Williams Co. Increasing employment within the Creative Service sector is also a priority of the Greater Columbus Chamber. The Chamber has targeted a range of industries including technology, law, healthcare, finance, design, and business management. In addition to the industries listed above, the Goodale Creative Corridor strategy will target industries related to software development, pharmaceutical, radio and TV, periodical publishing, book publishing, biomedical equipment, medical equipment, data centers, research and development, architectural and engineering firms. The strategy will also target businesses that service the creative industries including related showrooms, office services, restaurants, and limited retail.
The “Avenue” Enhancement Strategy
Grandview Avenue between First and Fifth is one of the most well known commercial strips in central Ohio. The Avenue Enhancement Strategy will seek to extend this regional identity along the whole length of the corridor from Fifth Avenue to I-670. The existing diversity of land uses and civic space along the street presents opportunities to enhance the common identifiers that functionally, symbolically and visually connect the community. From an I-670 gateway there must be visual clues that draw motorists down the roadway.

The Avenue is currently well developed, and with a few exceptions along the southern end, is likely not to change. The 36-acre Kaplin property at the southeast corner of Dublin and Grandview Avenues will potentially be a catalyst for change around the intersection. Until other opportunities emerge it will be the City’s objective to concentrate on retaining and strengthening existing businesses.

The Day-to-Day Strategy
1. Take the actions necessary to mitigate the remaining portion of the floodplain. These actions will include pursuing funding through the Corps of Engineers 205 Program as well as potentially putting together a public/private-funding package to make the improvement.

2. Maintain a data base inventory of all businesses, contacts, type of business, number of employees, products and services.

3. Meet with business owners to assess needs and concerns on a regular basis.

4. Provide information and assistance by finding training programs, financing and other business services.

5. Take an active role in Columbus 2020, which represent the Columbus Region in seeking to attract businesses in the life science and creativity industries to the area.

6. Communicate an overall employment theme encompassing the strategies above—newsletter or other types of communication.

7. Promote local entrepreneurship—new business startups especially for residents of Grandview Heights.—Small business development centers—state and private financial resources—net work for new startups.

8. Identify home-based businesses to offer businesses assistance services.

9. Continue to provide personal highly productive police, fire and emergency services.

10. Seek to provide access to the most innovative high quality technical services.

11. Develop quantitative assessment mechanisms that measure Grandview’s fiscal health.

12. Conduct business and resident community meetings to discuss fiscal conditions and economic development progress.

Major Employers:
Bravo Brio –an Italian restaurant company

Conrad Phillips Vutech –a branding, marketing, advertising, and design firm.

Dawson Resources –a local staffing and recruiting company.

Dynamix Engineering – a mechanical, electrical, and technology based engineering firm.

Edge Group – a private planning, landscape architecture and graphic design firm.

Gardiner Allen DeRoberts Insurance – a auto, home, and business insurance.

Health linx –a company that specializes in hospital leadership solutions.

Holbrook & Manter CPA –an Ohio based accounting firm.

Loeb Electric –an electric lighting and wiring distributer

Loth Office Furniture –an office furniture distributor

M+A Architects – an architectural firm specializing in Healthcare architecture.

Salvato Coe & Gabor –a graphic design and branding firm.

Textbooks R’ Us –an internet based college textbook distributor.

Ward Engineering –an engineering firm specializing in medical device engineering.

Weber and Associates –a sales and marketing firm

Willis Insurance -a global business insurance broker

W. W. Williams and Company –one of the nations largest industrial distribution,
service, and repair companies.

Zipline Logistics –a national third party logistics company.