Lost/Stolen/Confiscated Property

Claiming Impounded Property

Property can only be released to the legal owner of the property. If property is being held as evidence in a criminal case, it will not be released without a court order or the authorization of the impounding/investigating officer. Please direct questions regarding property, evidence, or claim of ownership to Detective Frese at (614) 488-7901. If you have property to be released into your possession, we ask that you schedule a time with Detective Frese sometime between the hours of 8:00am-4:00pm Monday - Friday. Detective Frese can also be contacted via email at wfrese@grandviewheights.gov.

Lost Property

If you have lost an item within the city limits of Grandview Heights or Marble Cliff, you may report the item lost by calling the Police Department at (614) 488-7901.

Found Property

Found property turned into the Grandview Heights Police Department is placed in the property and evidence room for at least 90 days while an effort is made to find and contact the owner. After 90 days, any unclaimed property is either destroyed or auctioned pursuant to state law. 

Auction of Unclaimed/Forfeited Evidence and Property

Unclaimed or forfeited property and evidence that is no longer needed is sold by public auction using GovDeals. A list of items for sale can be found on their website here.