Motor Vehicle Impound Information

The Division of Police uses private impound companies to store towed vehicles. In order to retrieve a vehicle from impound, the vehicle owner must provide proof of ownership in the form of a current registration or title and a picture identification to the City of Grandview Heights, Division of Police, located at 1016 Grandview Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43212. Upon completing these steps, the owner will be provided a release form that must be presented to the impounding company to obtain the vehicle’s release and directions to the appropriate impound company. Please direct questions to the Division at (614) 488-7901. 

 Below are the impound companies utilized by the Division of Police: 

Capital Towing
1306 Harmon Ave.
Columbus, Ohio  43223
(614) 272-1800

E&E Towing (until December 7, 2020)
850 N. Cassady Ave.
Columbus, Ohio  43219
(614) 947-1228

Broad & James Towing
4301 E. 5th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43219
(614) 231-8697