Grandview Yard

Nationwide Campus
Nationwide Realty Investors have presented a proposal to the Grandview Heights City Council to develop a new, state-of-the-art corporate campus at Grandview Yard for approximately 3,000 Nationwide associates.

The development of the Grandview Yard campus represents a major step toward fulfilling the city’s economic development plans set forth for this area following the closure of the Big Bear Warehouses more than a decade ago. The community's vision for this area has always been to create a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood with a significant job and tax base. This vision is quickly becoming a reality.

We are excited about the plans for the new Nationwide campus at Grandview Yard and its potential of the campus accelerating additional development in our area.

Link to the Grandview Yard Public Documents

Nationwide Campus
A view from South of the park on the West side of Yard Street looking to the Northeast.

GVY-Scioto-HBuilding_04B v2.jpg
A view from along side the park, looking East at the corridor between the "I" building and the "H" building.

GVY-Scioto-HBuilding_05 v2.jpg
A view from in the park looking Southeast over Yard Street at the park space, the "I" building and the "H" building.