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Grandview Heights Tree Plotter – NEW FEATURE

As a Tree City USA community, we know how important trees are to our residents. The Parks & Recreation Department is pleased to offer TreePlotter, a cloud based software program with benefits for both staff and residents. This program will allow staff to keep an updated inventory of all trees, track work completed, and monitor tree health to mitigate any potential risks. Residents are now able to submit tree requests for the City to inspect and perform work on trees of concern. Curious about the trees where you live? Click https://pg-cloud.com/GHPR/ to learn more about today (works best when using Chrome or Safari)!

Additional Benefits:

  • Inventory tracking software to manage street tree and parkland assets, including associated sidewalks
  • Software allows us to track work completed by staff or contractors
  • Provides residents with an ecological benefit of the asset in front of their residence and a cumulative benefit for all assets managed by City
  • Easy to update and inspect current inventory
  • Provides residents with a means to quickly and easily communicate requests to have City inspect and perform necessary work on assets with potential concerns
  • Allows us to continually monitor and update tree health and mitigate risk concerns
  • Helps City identify possible reforestation areas to increase urban canopy cover and grow urban forest
  • User friendly and simple interface; data collected is owned by City; easily shared with collaborative partners in the city (i.e. ibrary going to house memorial tree locations)

Submit Tree Requests
How to Submit Request 

  1. Navigate to Tree Plotter at this URL: https://pg-cloud.com/GHPR/
  2. In top right corner click REQUEST – you will not be able to LOG IN
  3. Complete the SERVICE REQUEST form
    1. Provide as much information as you can
  1.  PRIMARY CONCERN drop down list
  2.  Add Comments about your concern
  3.  Upload PHOTOS that you may have taken of the issue
  4.  Provide the ADDRESS of the where complaint is located
  5.  Provide your NAME and ADDRESS if different than where complaint is located
  6.  Provide your EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE number
  1. Click NEXT – Do not click SUBMIT at this time 
  2. On this form, click LINK
    1. Under METHOD, use drop down to select a single POINT or MULTIPLE POINTS if more than one asset is in need of service
    2. Click Check Box(es) next to requested asset(s)
  3. Check I’M NOT A ROBOT box
  4. Hit SUBMIT button

The City of Grandview Heights is fortunate to have a beautiful and diversified urban forest. Tree maintenance has been part of Grandview Heights for many years and is regulated by ordinance. (see ordinance) Public Trees are an asset from which all benefit. They provide many economic, environmental and social benefits in addition to improving the overall image and appearance of the City. The majority of trees between the sidewalk and curb are public trees although this may vary.

Our tree program covers all aspects of urban tree care. We conduct inspections on a yearly basis to locate clearance problems (i.e. limbs blocking traffic signage, lighting, walks or street right-a-way), hazards, as well as future planting sites. The majority of the work is performed during the winter months, with the remainder being completed during the summer. Any trees removed during this process are replaced the following fall.

Most work is performed after notification with the exception of some clearance issues. Any resident wishing to maintain a city tree or excavate on public right-of-way adjacent to a tree must first contact the city arborist (Ordinance 921.07). Any special requests or concerns should be forwarded to the Parks and Recreation office. Tree removals, pruning and plantings on city right-of-way are done at no charge. 

Each year we have a tree sale where trees can be purchased for public or private property.Any trees intended for the public right-of-way must be pre-approved. Approved street tree list. Permits are available at no cost, at the Parks and Recreation office and must be submitted and approved prior to planting. This allows us to suggest proper plant selection, and to avoid future tree and utility conflicts. Trees can also be purchased as a way of memorializing a person or event.

The City of Grandview Heights has been a TreeCity USA for 36 years and looks forward to continuing  this tradition of excellence.

For more information or to report a concern please contact Park Supervisor, Andy Grau

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