Grandview Center

Welcome to the Grandview Center! 
We are currently CLOSED.
All adults are welcomed to become a supporter of the Center through membership. Located at 1515 Goodale Blvd. the center is open Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm with some evening/weekend activities.

Exercise and Dance Classes

Membership Rates: $15 Residents $30 Non-Residents to purchase your membership online click here
*Please note: Memberships are good from January 1-December 31. 

Activity Pass: $30 for 6 months
You may participate in any exercise program or center activity by purchasing an Activity Pass which is good from January-June and June-December (6 months) to purchase your activity pass for Jan-June 2020 click here to purchase your activity pass for July-December 2020 click here

Interested in Volunteering? Contact Marta Durban or Taylor Lindsey

Special Events 2020
Sponsor a 2020 Special Event

Check out our Community Brochure for a catalog full of programs and events happening. 

Need more information on programs and classes offered at the Grandview Center? Contact Parks and Recreation Office today! 

Adult Recreation Supervisor- Marta Durban- 614 481-6203
Recreation Supervisor- Taylor Lindsey- 614-481-6202
Recreation Supervisor- Aaron Geis - 614-340-5378
Parks and Recreation Secretary- Pam Martin- 614-488-3111

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