2020 Property Tax Levy Renewal

Issue 8 is the City of Grandview Heights’ property tax levy renewal on the ballot in the election on November 3rd. This levy is a renewal of the current levy last voted on and approved in 2016.


              1. Why is the City asking for a levy renewal?

The four-year renewal of the property tax levy is important to support services, streets, and public safety in Grandview Heights. The City needs funds above the annual general operating funds to cover projects such as streets, sewers and hopefully one day a municipal building. While our business income tax base has expanded in past years, volatility in that revenue stream requires sound fiscal practices to diversify our sources of revenue. As a result, Grandview Heights has made steady progress in diversifying its tax base over the past decade, but much of the development contributing to this is still in process. Community support will be critical to bringing current and prospective projects to fruition.

2. How much will the levy renewal generate financially?

The property tax renewal is expected to generate $7,642,164 over the next four years, or $1,910,541 a year.

3. Are my taxes going to go up if the levy is renewed? 

Your taxes will not go up because of this levy renewal. It is a renewal of the current levy, so even with changes in property values (from outside factors such as the County Auditor’s updates or tax levies from other agencies), it will result in the same amount for the City.

4. How has COVID-19 impacted the City financially?

The City is still assessing the impact. Our vision, pre-COVID-19, was to start working on the City Gateway and Municipal Campus while continuing to address aging infrastructure needs and providing exceptional public services. However, since the future economic impact of COVID-19 remains unknown, the Administration has taken a conservative approach by identifying several projects that can be postponed until after the economy hopefully has stabilized and the COVID-19 pandemic has been brought under control.

5. How does the recent Civic Spaces and Places plan relate to this levy? 

This levy will be used to implement the portions of the Civic Spaces and Places plan as part of the City’s overall commitment to high quality services. This plan includes a modern public safety and administration facility that would house Police, Fire, and Administration.


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