Residential Building

Residential & 1, 2, or 3 Family Building

Where can I find a list of registered contractors? 

You can find lists of registered contractors here.

What are the submittal requirements for a building permit?

We require two sets of drawings in addition to a digital copy in PDF form sent via email or submitted by flash drive or CD. The building permit is not a blanket permit. Trade skills are required to pull their own permits and be registered.

What is a permit?
A permit is a license that allows work to be performed on your house or building. A permit is issued to the owner or the owner’s agent, such as the architect, contractor, sub-contractor or other person responsible for the work being completed, and it identifies the required inspections. Permitting requirements are governed by the Codified Ordinances of the City of Grandview Heights, zoning and various state building code requirements.

Do I need a permit for a roof, siding, windows, door replacement, drainage, driveway, deck, shed, a fence, or a patio?
Roof: Yes

Siding: Yes

Windows: Yes

Doors: Yes

Drainage: Yes

Driveway/Apron: Yes

Deck: Yes

Shed: Yes
Fence: Yes
Patio: Yes

How do I get a permit?
Complete the appropriate application form by clicking the links above and submit it to the Building & Zoning Department along with any required construction drawings and specifications. Simple permits for items such as furnace replacements do not require any drawings. Applications and drawings are reviewed for completeness and conformance with the codes. Applicants will be notified when the review is complete.

How long does it take to get a permit?
Permits that do not require drawings to be reviewed may usually be issued immediately. Permits which require construction drawings to be submitted are, by state law, required to be reviewed within 30 days. We attempt to review residential plans within 14 business days (this includes reviews by structural, engineering and zoning). The City of Grandview Heights sets its own standard of 14 business days for commercial projects to be reviewed by Review Services. 

When will I know if my plans are ready?
You will be contacted by phone or e-mail as soon as your plan review has been completed. For any other permitting questions, please call during regular office hours which are from 7:30am-4:00pm Monday-Friday.

When can I start work?
Construction work may start after the permit is issued and fees are paid. Work started or performed without a permit is subject to a Stop Work Order and penalty fees.

Can demolition or construction begin without a permit?
No! Only work that does not require a permit or emergency repairs may proceed. If construction begins prior to a permit being issued, all permit fees associated with the project will be doubled. A Stop Work Order, Notice of Violation and Adjudication Order requiring removal of the work may also be issued.

What are the minimum requirements for “Phased Approvals”?
We do not issue “Phased Approvals” for residential construction. 

Do approved plans always need to be on site?
Yes. Failure to have the approved plans on site may result in a re-inspection, including fees.

How long is the permit valid, and when is it closed?
An approved permit is valid for 12 months from the date of issuance. It may be extended upon approval of the Chief Building Official for an additional year. Once construction starts, the permit is valid for six months from the date of the last approved inspection. The permit is closed when the final inspection is completed and the work is approved for compliance with the applicable codes.

Required information when calling to schedule an inspection

• Permit number(s)
• Project street address (unit, suite or apartment number or numbers), jurisdiction (GH or Marble Cliff)
• Contractor company name or homeowner performing the work
• Nature of the work being inspected (i.e., 1st rough, 2nd rough, final, etc.)
• Location at the job site (floor, room name, room number, side, etc.)
• Time preference (AM, PM or none)
 • Contact info (name, phone, cell phone, etc.)

Emergency inspections

• Utility shutoff and restoration of a gas, sewer, water or electric service, or other life safety circumstance is considered an inspection “emergency” that can be scheduled on short notice when applying for the permit.
• All other circumstances including real estate closings, project closeouts, retail store or restaurant openings or other normal business or personal pressures are not considered emergencies and will be scheduled using normal procedures. Plan ahead by several days or weeks and coordinate with our inspection staff so we can help you meet your timing goals.
 • For serious hazards or imminent danger, call the Fire Department who will respond and contact the Planning and Development Department if required.

NOTE: The contractor performing the work or the home-owner/occupant may be required to be present during the inspection.


• Failed inspections must be rescheduled by calling the Building Department and are subject to re-inspection fees if the work is substantially incomplete, incorrect or not inspected.
• Fees must be paid prior to scheduling re-inspection.
• Minor corrections must be re-inspected but may not require additional fees. The field inspector will notify the contractor if additional fees are required.
 • Substantially code-deficient residential work may require the presence of a trade professional (plumber, electrician, mechanical contractor) at the re-inspection.