Protect Our Pipes

Our water and wastewater systems are finely tuned utilities that serve us in incredible ways every day. They ensure we have clean water coming out of our faucets and toilets while transporting water and wastewater away to be treated. We must be sure to treat them with care, which means taking a close look at what we put in our pipes.

Flushable wipes are great, right?! Not so fast. Did you know that while “flushable” means wipes will clear the toilet bowl, they can cause major issues for our pipes? The materials flushable wipes are made of do not allow it to break down quickly like toilet paper. These wipes can get stuck, preventing water from flowing properly through the pipes. If a wipe or other item does make it through the pipe, it can cause significant damage to equipment at the treatment plants.

Please avoid flushing these items:

  • "Flushable" Wipes
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Napkins
  • Facial Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Hazardous Waste*
  • Feminine Products