New Residents

Welcome to the City of Grandview Heights! As a new resident, there are likely some questions you may have about where to find services or how we operate. To make things a bit easier, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot locate what you are looking for below, please visit our department pages listed under Services or call the Municipal Building at (614) 488-3159. 

1.    I live in Grandview Heights; right?

To verify that your residence is located within the Grandview Heights city limits, you can use the Franklin County Auditor’s Office property search tool

1.    Where is the City building located?

Currently, our departments are in a few different buildings. You can find them at the following addresses, or by contacting them using the information found on their individual pages:

  • Municipal Building (Police/Fire/Administration/Legal): 1016 Grandview Avenue
  • Finance Department: 1525 Goodale Boulevard
  • Parks & Recreation Department: 1515 Goodale Boulevard
  • Parks Maintenance, Service, & Building Departments: 1260 McKinley Avenue, Columbus, OH 43222

3.    How do I stay informed of what is happening?

The City uses our 311 system for text and email alerts. Opt in today! You can also follow us on Facebook (City of Grandview Heights, Ohio), Twitter (@GrandviewOhio), Instagram (@cityofgrandviewheights), or YouTube (Grandview Heights).

4.    Who do I contact if I have an emergency?

Grandview Heights is a full-service community with our Police and Fire Departments working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an emergency, please dial 911. If it is not an emergency, but you still need assistance, call (614) 488-7901. Please note, the Police Department no longer conducts lock-out requests. Officers will only access a vehicle in the event of an emergency (i.e. a child locked inside, etc.)

5.    Who do I call to get trash service started? Is there a monthly fee?

You do not have to call the Service Department to start trash and recycling service, and there is no additional fee. Simply place your trash recycling out on your scheduled day, and it will be collected. To determine when your trash will be collected, view the trash map. For recycling, your container will need a recycling sticker which can be picked up at 1260 McKinley Avenue, Columbus, OH 43222.

6.    Where do I pay my water bill? 

Water service, along with sewer, is provided by the City of Columbus. Customers are billed directly by Columbus. To start new service, visit the Columbus Public Utilities website.

7.    How do I obtain a copy of an EMS report?

EMS incident reports may be issued to the patient (or patient's guardian, if minor) upon proof of identity (and proof of guardianship, if necessary). Recipients must still sign a records request to document receipt of the report. Call (614) 488-5904.

8.    How do I obtain a copy of a fire report?

If your call for service occurred in the City of Grandview Heights, or was handled by the City of Grandview Heights, in another jurisdiction, please call (614)488-5904. Fire, Service Calls, or HAZMAT incident reports may be issued to the Owner or Occupant of the building or vehicle involved, upon proof of identity.

9.    How do I get a child safety seat inspection?

For assistance with a child safety seat installation, please call Franklin County Public Health at (614) 525-5960.

10.    How do I find information about Parks and Recreation programs, pool memberships, shelter reservation, etc.?

Our Parks & Recreation Department hosts programs for all ages throughout the year. Click to find more information on Program registration, information on the Municipal pool including membership prices, and shelter reservations.  

11.    Where are the parks located? Are dogs allowed?

A list of parks and addresses, including which parks are dog friendly, are available here.

12.    Is the tree in the curb lawn (the green space between the sidewalk and the curb) mine?

Street trees belong to the City and are the City’s responsibility. To report an issue with a street tree, please visit the City's TreePlotter portal..

13.    Do I need a permit to have work done at my house?

The short answer is that it depends on the work you are having completed. To determine if you need a permit, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or call (614) 481-6220.

14.    Where do I pay my taxes?

Property taxes are assessed and collected by Franklin County. You will receive a bill directly from them. The City of Grandview Heights has a 2.5% income tax and gives residents 100% credit for taxes paid to another municipality up to 2.5%. The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) administers, audits, and collects income taxes for the City. RITA’s website is found at For more information on individual income tax collection, visit the Finance Department's Income Tax page.

15. Is there a library in Grandview Heights?

Yes! It is located at 1685 W 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43212. To sign up for a library card, view hours, and browse services, visit the Grandview Heights Public Library website