Zoning & Property Maintenance

Do I need a permit for a residential home security system?

It depends upon the extent of the security system. Please call 614-481-6220 to verify.

What is my zoning district? Where can I find zoning code?

You can find your zoning district on the zoning map and answers to your zoning questions in the zoning code

Do I need a permit for a pool/Hot tub?

Yes, see sections 1155.15(g) for fencing requirements and 1133.02 (61) for lot coverage definition. There are fencing requirements and the pool/hot tub count towards lot coverage.

What are the required documents for a Fence Permit?

A completed fence permit is required along with a copy of the mortgage survey or boundary survey indicating the location of the installation of fence and gates. Including fence design, footings, height, etc. See section 1155.15 for zoning information.

Why do I need a boundary survey with my fence permit if my fence is going back where the old existing fence was placed?

A boundary survey is the most accurate way to determine the exact location of a property line. Not all fences installed in the past had permits issued and property lines verified in the field. When a permit is issued, you must place the entire fence on the property that the permit is issued for. In some cases, homeowners who share a property line can coordinate the permits so that an existing fence location can be re-used. In that case, each owner must have a permit issued for the portions of the fence located only on their property. (EXAMPLE – Existing landscape that they do not want to disturb.)

Why do I need a driveway permit in order to replace an existing driveway?

Any property owner who wishes to make an improvement to an existing driveway must obtain a permit. This includes either the resurfacing, removal and replacement or any driveway or parking space that will be made larger. All applications must meet the requirements in the zoning code for lot coverage % as well as correct storm water drainage away from structures and neighboring lots. There are many shared driveways in the City of Grandview Heights. In those cases, each homeowner must have their own permit in place for their address. They must also coordinate with the other homeowner any shared costs related to the replacement or repair of a shared driveway. The City of Grandview Heights does not involve itself in such matters. For clarification, the resurfacing of an existing asphalt driveway can alter the drainage and thus requires a permit. The re-sealing only of an existing asphalt driveway does not require a permit.

* Any work related to the driveway approach will require a RIGHT-OF-WAY PERMIT.

Can I build a new garage where my old garage is sitting when it appears to be to close to the property line?

An existing garage that is sitting within either the side or rear yard setback of 3 feet is considered to be an EXISTING -NONCONFORMING STRUCTURE and can only be maintained in its current form. Once that structure is removed from the property, a new structure cannot be built in the same location. The new structure must meet all the requirements of the Building and Zoning codes.

Who maintains the sanitary sewer line underground from my house?

The typical sanitary sewer has two distinct parts after it leaves the underground plumbing pipes beneath your home or business. The first is called the Sanitary Lateral. It connects the interior portion of the home or business from the underground plumbing to the Sanitary Main. Maintenance or repair to the Sanitary Lateral is the responsibility of the property owner from the point where it is connected to the Sanitary Main (called a sanitary wye or tee) back to the underground plumbing beneath the structure. Any work performed on a Sanitary Lateral other than routine maintenance requires a permit to be obtained through the Building Department and the Service Department in order to verify and maintain the integrity of the Sanitary Sewer System throughout the City of Grandview Heights. Your sewer/ plumbing contractor must also be registered with the City in order to pull this required permit.

Who do I call when my underground water service to my home or business is leaking outside in the yard or the street?

The City of Columbus maintains all the potable (drinking) water provided to the City of Grandview Heights. Any work performed on these lines is to be coordinated with the City of Columbus Water Department (614) 645-8276. However, the City of Grandview Heights does require its own permit for any work performed in the Right-of Way. *Please note that you must also notify the Parks and Recreation Department in any case where there is a Street Tree in the Right-of Way within 10 feet of any work to be performed.