Our tree program covers all aspects of urban tree care. We conduct inspections on a yearly basis to locate clearance problems (i.e. limbs blocking traffic signage, lighting, walks or street right-a-way), hazards, as well as future planting sites. The majority of the work is performed during the winter months, with the remainder being completed during the summer. Any trees removed during this process are replaced the following fall.

Most work is performed after notification except for some clearance issues. Any resident wishing to maintain a city tree or excavate on public right-of-way adjacent to a tree must first contact the city arborist (Ordinance 921.07). Any special requests or concerns should be forwarded to the Parks and Recreation office. Tree removals, pruning and plantings on city right-of-way are done at no charge.

The City of Grandview Heights has been a Tree City USA community for 37 years and looks forward to continuing this tradition of excellence.

For more information or to report a concern, please contact Park Maintenance Supervisor Andy Grau.