Community Partners Funding Program


The City of Grandview Heights’ Community Partners Funding Program was established and is funded by the Grandview Heights City Council to support partnerships with community organizations conducting special projects and activities that benefit Grandview Heights residents.


  • Applicants may be organizations that are private or nonprofit entities that are located in, provide service to, or impact the lives of residents within the City of Grandview Heights
  • Potential recipients may apply or be nominated.

What is not eligible?

  • Government agencies and political or religious organizations are not eligible.
  • General operating funds or deficit reduction are not eligible.


Selection Criteria

A limited amount of funds is budgeted annually for the Community Partners program, and not every application will be funded. Grants typically are in the $500-1,000 range.

Selection is based on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Number of residents served
  • Size of the grant sought
  • Availability and scope of other funding
  • Size and duration of the program or project
  • Value to the community
  • Uniqueness of the program or project
  • Established record of the organization within the community
  • Extent to which the program or project serves an emerging or unique community need