Your Government

The City of Grandview Heights was incorporated in 1906 and became a charter city in 1931, when the residents of the community voted to adopt its first governing document. The City Charter is a living, breathing document that is reviewed by a group of residents approximately every 10 years, and approved by the city’s electors.


In accordance with the will of its residents, Grandview Heights has continued to opt for a “strong mayor” form of government rather than a city manager form of government. The elected Mayor oversees appointed department heads and also appoints residents to a variety of advisory boards and commissions, to assist the administration and the seven elected Council representatives to conduct the business of the city.


Grandview Heights is proud to be one of the few remaining small towns that offers its residents full services without additional assessments. It is equally proud of its AAA bond rating, which has enabled it to update and maintain high-quality, family-friendly amenities such as parks, tennis courts, a pool complex, and multi-purpose paths. Many of these facilities also provide one of the City’s key partners, the Grandview Heights City School District, with recreational facilities. The City’s other key partnerships with Grandview Heights Public Library, the business districts, and the adjacent Village of Marble Cliff round out its exceptional desirability as a walkable, sustainable community.