Mayor Greta M. Kearns



The Office of the Mayor is responsible for:

  • Administration and oversight of City operations
  • Budget development
  • Administration of Forms, Permits & Petitions
Greta Kearns has served as Mayor of Grandview Heights since January 2020 and has loved every moment of it. Prior to her role as Mayor, she served on City Council and as City Council President, an experience that ignited her passion for local government. A resident of Grandview Heights since 2004, she started her career in public service as an Assistant Attorney General before working in private law practice primarily at a global law firm. Her ethic of serving others began at a young age while watching her parents work in social service and education. Giving back to the community through service is in her blood and her work as Mayor is no exception. She and her husband Jeff are the proud parents of three Grandview Heights Bobcats and are often at the many fun events the City and School host throughout the year.