Community Development 


Planning and Community Development activities within the City of Grandview Heights are oriented around leveraging our community’s vision for the future, as outlined in our adopted Community Plan and other related documents, to guide public and private investments towards fostering and extending our unique community character, exceptional vitality and balanced economic sustainability.


Rigorous, visionary planning through inclusive public processes, involving both dedicated residents, business leaders and community partners, is critical to guiding future development towards shared community goals. The City’s recently completed “Community Plan” and “Spaces and Places” plan have outlined high level goals for development across the City. Future public planning processes will continue to further develop the community’s goals for our distinct neighborhoods, business districts, and City facilities and lands, to align what we do today with where we’d like to be tomorrow.

Planning Announcements

Resident and business community input is critical to achieving great community planning outcomes. Information about community planning processes, public and private projects, and various other community engagement opportunities are available through "GrowingTogether," the City's digital engagement platform. Register at GrowingTogether to participate, and select Follow on each project page to receive updates and notices when new information is added.

Community Development

Preserving and enhancing our community character means each project is carefully reviewed for alignment with the City’s Community Plan, Design Guidelines and Zoning Codes. Grandview Heights welcomes investment in our residential and commercial districts, and our Planning and Community Collaboratively with the City’s Department of Building and Zoning, our community development staff is here to help orient you to those documents and to guide you through our review and approval processes. We are also here to facilitate development of City facilities and lands to meet community needs now and far into the future.

 Residential projects are subject to the residential provisions of the Grandview Heights Zoning Code, as well as the Architecture Design Guidelines. Many projects proceed to review by the Board of Zoning Appeals, either to request variances from the zoning code, or for Aesthetic Review, when applicable. This step allows for public input when community character or site-specific concerns may exist.

 Commercial projects
are subject to the commercial provisions of the Grandview Heights Zoning Code, which often involves Major Site Plan Review through the City’s Planning Commission, who is charged both with reviewing applications for compliance with commercial zoning code provisions and/or granting variances therefrom, as well as review for compliance with the Community Plan, Spaces and Places Plan and the commercial provisions within the Architectural Design Guidelines.

City facilities and lands require ongoing maintenance and prudent investment. As we grow and evolve as a City, we occasionally require assistance from planning, architectural, engineering, surveying or other professional services consultants, or may have public construction projects available for submissions of qualifications or for bidding, which may be posted here:

Economic Development

Grandview Heights welcomes new businesses! Our small town has big city opportunities, with a range of neighborhoods and commercial districts suitable for a wide range of companies. From Fortune 500 business partners finding synergy with Grandview Yard, to energetic entrepreneurs finding creative, tech-savvy colleagues along Goodale Boulevard, to unique experiences, services, entertainment and dining options in our historic downtown, Grandview Heights offers an incredibly broad range of business environments within a compact footprint. Substantial growth over the past ten years has been facilitated through a wide variety of economic development programs, which continue to evolve in response to business and community needs. From incentives, to infrastructure development, to facilitation of review and permit processes, we stand ready to support the success of businesses seeking to call Grandview Heights home.

Why Grandview Heights?

Minutes from downtown Columbus but in a class of its own, the City of Grandview Heights combines the energy of urban living with the welcoming, neighborly attitude you’d expect from a city its size. At just over 1.3 square miles and home to 8,000+ residents and growing, Grandview Heights boasts tree-lined, walkable streets, trendy shops and stellar dining, all boosted by the power of its proximity to some of Central Ohio’s most desirable neighborhoods, business centers and entertainment districts. Balancing tradition alongside growth and change, leveraging our great location near downtown and The Ohio State University, and boasting a highly educated, creative, energetic workforce, the City welcomes new businesses as we continue to prioritize quality of life and enhanced opportunities for those who call our community home.

Economic Development Announcements

Resident and business community engagement is critical to maintaining a healthy economy for our City. Information about economic development planning processes and other community engagement opportunities are available through "GrowingTogether,the City's digital engagement platform. Register at GrowingTogether to participate, and select Follow on each project page to receive updates and notices when new information is added.

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