The Grandview Heights Service Department is responsible for maintaining sewers, streets, streetlights, and traffic signals in addition to collecting trash, recycling, and yard waste. Keeping the City maintained keeps the City looking beautiful and is a great tool for attracting new residents and businesses. Department staff consists of the Director of Service, Public Works Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, Service Department Supervisor, and 12 maintenance workers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find valuable information regarding many of the services that the City of Grandview Heights offers through the Service Department. If you don't find the information here, please feel free to contact us at (614) 488-4728 with any questions you may have.

I just moved. How do I start trash and recycling service?

You do not need to call. Service is provided by the City of Grandview Heights for its residents. Please review rules and regulations for container requirements and review the map for scheduled pick-up day.

Are trash and recycling collected on holidays?

 If the Service Department observes a holiday Monday through Friday, trash and recycling will be collected the next business day. 

How do I request bulk pickup?

Please call the Service Department and/or sit your items out on your regularly scheduled trash collection day at no cost. Additionally, the Service Department will hold their annual Spring Clean Up week immediately following the Great Garage Sale weekend for residents of Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff. We accept large items but do NOT accept construction debris, soil, or any items containing coolant (i.e. dehumidifiers).

Are there items that are not to be included in trash service?

Yes, please click here for items and disposal options.

How do I get a recycling container?

Recycling containers may be requested through our online form, but are available on a first come, first served basis. 

How do I report a water issue or sewer back-up?

For water issues, please contact the City of Columbus at (614) 645-7788 extension #5. For sewer back-ups, please call the Service Department if the issue occurs Monday through Friday between 7:00 am - 3:30 pm. If the issue occurs outside these hours, contact non-emergency Dispatch at (614) 488-7901.

When is yard waste collected?

Yard waste is collected on most Mondays beginning April 1 through the last Monday in November, unless noted on the City's website and social media platforms. To be notified of a change in yard waste collection, enroll in text or email alerts by signing up within Grandview Heights 311.

When will my leaves be picked up?

Leaves are collected each fall first as needed, and then on a scheduled basis with crews working west to east across Grandview Heights. Once they reach the far east side of the city, the route begins again. Crews collect leaves for several weeks. Please rake leaves to the curb lawn for collection. They do not need to be bagged.

How do I report a streetlight out?

You can report a streetlight out by submitting a request online or by calling the Department at (614) 488-4728.

If you see an issue within the City of Grandview Heights that requires the attention of the Service Department, call us at (614) 488-4728, or please submit a 311 request: Grandview Heights 311.