I received notice that my local income taxes have not been reported or paid. What should I do?
Residents of Grandview Heights are required to report and pay any income taxes due to the municipality, subject to any credit they receive from another municipality in which they may work. This includes taxes due on income earned working as an independent contractor or in some capacity other than as a payroll employee. Persons working within the City but residing outside the City (including independent contractors) are similarly required to pay income taxes to the City of Grandview Heights if such taxes are not being withheld through payroll deduction at their workplace. The City has contracted with the Regional Income Tax Authority (R.I.T.A.) to facilitate the billing and collection of local taxes. Failure to report and/or pay income tax to the municipality as required by the Codified Ordinances may result in a notice of violation, which, if not timely rectified, may result in a summons to appear in Mayor's Court. If the violation is upheld for failure to comply, fines, costs, and, in the case or repeat violations, possible imprisonment of up to 90 days.

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