Why do I see a lot of legislation being declared an “emergency”?
“Emergency” is a term of art used in the legislative process, in accordance with state law. In municipalities, legislation may be passed as an "emergency” measure, when Council must timely assure that public health and safety standards are maintained in an uninterrupted manner (for example, when negotiating police and fire contracts, contracts for mutual aid with neighboring communities, etc.), or when there is some other compelling reason to do so. Given the number of times that Council can convene and the number of readings that Council tries to have prior to passage, it attempts to be judicious about what can be reviewed, passed, or enacted as ordinary business or as an emergency measure. Emergency legislation takes effect on the date it is signed by the Mayor, or 10 days after passage or adoption if not signed by the Mayor. Legislation that does not require emergency passage takes effect 30 days after approval.

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