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Community Partners Funding Program Application and Nomination Form

  1. This area should only be filled out if you are the organization apply for funding. If you are nominating, see the next section.
  2. This section should only be filled out if you are a nominator wishing to nominate an organization for funding of which you are not affiliated with.
  3. Attachments and Supplemental Information
  4. The following is not mandatory, but may be useful to explain your project or organization: 1. Board organizational chart and/or list of Board members, key staff and volunteers. 2. Other information that may be useful to describe your project.
  5. Applications are reviewed monthly, with the final deadline being 5:00pm on October 31st annually by U.S. Mail, hand delivery or email to: Leilani Napier, Clerk of Council City of Grandview Heights 1016 Grandview Avenue Grandview Heights, Ohio 43212
  6. All grant decisions are made at the sole discretion of City Council and all decisions are final.
  7. A grant award in one year is not an indication of future funding and should not be relied upon in the organization’s budget process. Grant applications that are declined, either for lack of available funding or other discretionary reasons, may reapply in future City fiscal years.
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