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Private Security Camera Registration Form

  1. Private Security Camera Registration Form
  2. Welcome to the Grandview Heights Police Department Security Camera Registry! This is a voluntary program. Information submitted to this registry is secure and for Police Department use only. In the fields below, you can register your home or business if it has a security camera as a tool to help the Police quickly address issues such as thefts, attempted thefts, suspicious activity, etc. By registering your property as having a camera, you will not be contacted by the Police Department for any reason other than if an incident or crime occurs at your property or in your neighborhood. Camera footage has been instrumental in solving numerous crimes in Grandview Heights and will provide Police the ability to easily identify who to contact if necessary.

    Please note that by registering, this does not provide the Police Department access to your security footage or home security system. Someone from the Department will notify you if there is a request for footage. If you have questions, please call (614) 488-7901.

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